Monokle: Mobile Surveillanceware with a Russian Connection

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This session will provide a close look at the highly targeted Monokle surveillanceware, how it is most likely deployed by nation-states and how it was attributed to a Russian government contractor. The audience will learn about the latest trends in the development of sophisticated mobile surveillanceware.

Pre-Requisites: A basic background on Android and some of its features -- including permissions, how to install and uninstall apps, default Android services such as Accessibility services etc. An understanding of domains and IP addresses and what those mean in the context of an application sending or receiving data from an internet connection. Although most terminology will be explained, security terms such as command and control infrastructure may be shortened to "C2" or "C and C" later in the talk.

Adam Bauer


Senior Staff Security Intelligence Engineer, Lookout

Apurva Kumar


Staff Security Intelligence Engineer, Lookout

Policy & Government Mobile & IoT Security Hackers & Threats

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