Mathematical Advances in Cryptography

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Mathematical Advances in Public-Key Cryptography:  Cryptanalysis and New Algebraic Settings

Topic 1: Another Look at Some Isogeny Hardness Assumptions

Author(s): Simon-Philipp Merz (Royal Holloway University of London, UK), Romy Minko (University of Oxford, UK), and Christophe Petit (University of Birmingham, UK)

Topic 2: How to Construct CSIDH on Edwards Curves

Author(s): Tomoki Moriya (The University of Tokyo, Japan), Hiroshi Onuki (The University of Tokyo, Japan), and Tsuyoshi Takagi (The University of Tokyo, Japan)

The landing page for the RSA Conference Cryptography track proceedings is located here:

Simon-Philipp Merz


Ph.D. Student, Royal Holloway, University of London

Tomoki Moriya


Master's Student, The University of Tokyo



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