“I'm Still Standing,” Says Each Cyber-Resilient Device (Session Viewing Point)

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The goals of this talk will be to visit the key aspects of a resilient computer system, provide some industry standard examples, and highlight key learnings from multiple engineering disciplines to rethink resilience in the cyberworld. The hypothesis is that it will allow a path forward to combat the increasing number of cyberthreats that have a high impact on our computer solutions and services.

Pre-Requisites: Basic understanding of Cryptography and general familarity with Platform Firmware (BIOS, Embedded controller etc.) as well as standards bodies such as NIST.

Abhilasha Bhargav-Spantzel

Principal Engineer, Intel

Nivedita Aggarwal

Firmware Engineer, Intel

Hackers & Threats DevSecOps & Application Security Product Security Cloud Security & Virtualization

threat management security threat visualization risk vulnerability assessment trusted computing



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