DevSecOps State of the Union (Session Viewing Point)

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It’s tough to keep up with the DevSecOps resources out there, or even know where to start. This talk will summarize and distill the unique tips and tricks, lessons learned, and tools discussed in dozens of blog posts and more than 50 conference talks over the past few years, and combine it with knowledge gained from in-person discussions with security leaders at companies with mature security programs.

Pre-Requisites: General understanding of the fundamental areas of modern application security programs, including threat modeling, secure code reviews, security training, building security culture/developing security champions, security scanning (static and dynamic analysis tools), monitoring and logging in production, etc. Understanding of how software generally moves from development to production in agile environments that embrace CI/CD practices. Basic understanding of the principles of network/infrastructure and cloud security.
Clint Gibler


Head of Security Research, Semgrep

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