Are AI and ML Being Used against You—and Is It Too Late to Stop It?

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Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) bolster new cyber-defenses but can they also make us more vulnerable? As hackers, big business and “big brother” weaponize techniques to watch our every move, this elite panel of experts will explore the risks and new ways to protect data. Panelists will focus on ways to become more proactive and stay a step ahead of this next wave of threats.

Pre-Requisites: Baseline knowledge of different threat vectors, AI and ML.
Sean Cordero


Head of Cloud Strategy, Netskope

Justin Harvey


Global Security Incident Response Lead, Accenture

Diana Kelley


CTO and Co-Founder, SecurityCurve

Chris Morales


Head of Security Analytics, Vectra

Phil Trainor


Head of Security, APAC, Ixia, A Keysight Business

Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence Analytics Intelligence & Response

threat intelligence risk management risk & vulnerability assessment network security artificial intelligence & machine learning



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