AI Security Engineering—Modeling/Detecting/Mitigating New Vulnerabilities (Session Viewing Point)

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AI and machine learning present a litany of unmitigated security threats. Research is pivoting from contrived vulns to weaponized exploitation. As a security engineer, how do I protect and defend my services against these threats? As a data scientist how do I even detect them? As a first responder how do I triage? Join this session to go deep on these issues with new research and guidance.

Interested? We have you covered! This popular session will also be overflowed in The Session Viewing Point, West Level 2 Room 2004.

Andrew Marshall

Principal Security Program Manager, Microsoft Corporation

Jugal Parikh

Senior Data Scientist, Microsoft

Raul Rojas

Security Assurance Architect, Microsoft Corporation

Security Strategy & Architecture Protecting Data & the Supply Chain Ecosystem Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence Analytics, Intelligence & Response

security architecture network security data security artificial intelligence & machine learning



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