Working in Civil Society

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Bringing a technological perspective into civil society can transform how organizations do their work. This session will examine how this transformation can happen from a variety of perspectives: exposing government surveillance, protecting journalists world-wide, preserving a free and open Internet, bringing a security focus to artificial intelligence research, protecting NGO networks and more.

Learning Objectives:
1: Learn more about civil society: an ecosystem of efforts to support and uphold the public interest.
2: Hear stories of public interest technology work from people who have spent time in civil society.
3: Find out about how you can support civil society from within employment in a different sector.
Sarah Aoun


Digital Security Technologist, Independent

Peter Eckersley


, Partnership on AI

Harlo Holmes


Director of Newsroom Digital Security, Freedom of the Press Foundation

John Scott-Railton


Senior Researcher, Citizen Lab

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