Why Data-Driven Personalized Journeys Are the Future of Security Training

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When it comes to security training, one size does not fit all. Learn how Autodesk rethought security awareness training by leveraging behavioral data to create ongoing personalized security snapshots for each employee. These enabled individual recommendations and action items for each person resulting in successful changes to security behaviors companywide.

Learning Objectives:
1: Identify key behaviors that are able to be measured to impact training.
2: Understand how to leverage data to effectively influence employee security behavior.
3: Find out the successes and pitfalls of this approach to security training.

Understanding of security awareness/engagement goals and obstacles. Understanding of security behaviors such as phishing, 2fa, malware and password managers.

Masha Sedova


VP, Human Risk Strategy, Mimecast

Aika Sengirbay


Sr. Information Security Program Lead, Autodesk

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