When the One You Trust Hurts You Most: Real-World Attack, Real-Time Response

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Picture this. You’re presenting to corporate management when suddenly a message pops up on your screen. Your company is on the brink of a security crisis. This can’t be put on hold. You have to act, now. In a real-time, real-world demo featuring a complex supply chain attack fueled by rapid internal lateral movement, this session will address one of today’s most challenging attacks.

Learning Objectives:
1: Understand supply-chain malware attacks, and why they are so difficult to detect and stop.
2: Learn how analytics of server behavior can be used to detect malicious lateral movement.
3: Explore how to contain and remediate advanced attacks with automated enforcement.

Knowledge of mechanisms for worm propagation, C&C and lateral movement. Understanding of vulnerabilities exploited by worms, such as SMB. Knowledge of mechanisms for logical server segmentation.

Bret Hartman


VP and CTO, Security Business Group, Cisco

Jyoti Verma


Technical Leader, Cisco Systems

Analytics Intelligence & Response Protecting Data & Applied Crypto

incident response security & threat visualization security analytics supply chain threat intelligence



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