What Lurks within Your IT: Spotlight on the Dark Side of the Supply Chain

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Altered components, tainted software and shipments diverted to allow unauthorized “modifications” are alive and well in ICT. IT/OT experts on this third-party risk will explore the breadth of the risk and what can be done to address it. They will explore policy, operations and technology essential to secure the growing number of devices on which private enterprises, governments and citizens rely.

Learning Objectives:
1: Understand the complexity of the risk environment for ICT.
2: Gain awareness of the risk of unauthorized modification to ICT-via components, tainted software and more.
3: Gain tangible, feasible and effective techniques to tackle the insidious threat posed tainted parts.

Dawn Cappelli


VP Global Security and Chief Information Security Officer, Rockwell Automation

Edna Conway


Vice President, Global Security, Risk & Compliance, Azure, Microsoft

Protecting Data & Applied Crypto

supply chain risk management operational technology (OT Security) Internet of Things endpoint security



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