What Every Security Professional Needs to Know about WiFi 6

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Recent wireless attacks and vulnerabilities make it critical that security experts gain an understanding of the next generation of WiFi products (WiFi 6) before they are deployed. During this session Dr. Avril Salter will compare and contrast WiFi 6 with existing WiFi solutions and the emerging 5G standards, and share her perspective on whether WPA3 security can support these new deployment scenarios.

Learning Objectives:
1: Understand the key technical differences between WiFi 6 and the existing WiFi solutions.
2: Learn the difference between WPA3 and WPA2 security enhancements and explore sufficiency to support IoT devices.
3: Understand why it is increasingly complex to eavesdrop on user data transmitted over the air.

Understanding of the existing WiFi standards is beneficial but not essential.

Dr. Avril Salter


Wireless Strategic Technologist and Architect, Salter & Associates

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