Protecting the Cloud with the Power of Cloud (Repeat)

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This session will talk about various DevSecOps principles which cater to the customers who are just embarking their journey on cloud, customers with over hundreds of public cloud environment. Showcase Dow Jones Hammer which will enable building self-healing architectures, which not only identifies security misconfigurations within cloud resources in real time, but also auto-remediates them!

Learning Objectives:
1: Understand why adoption of DevSecOps principles enables security from start and address vulnerabilities.
2: Learn how to enabling self-healing multi-cloud environments.
3: Understand how open source technologies enable organizations to scale with automation.

Attendees should have understanding of AWS cloud, programming languages, APIs, serverless lamdba, databases.
Jay Kelath


Head of Product Security, Dow Jones & Company

Pranavkumar Patel


Senior Security Engineer, Dow Jones

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