Practical Malware Analysis Essentials for Incident Responders

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Knowing how to analyze malware has become a critical skill for security professionals. This fast-paced session explains how, armed with free tools, you can examine Windows malware in your own lab, going beyond automated analysis findings. You’ll learn from a walk-through of a real-world specimen and receive instructions for repeating that analysis in your own lab to continue mastering the skills.

Learning Objectives:
1: Learn the essentials of analyzing malware using free tools.
2: Learn to derive threat intelligence from malware discovered during incident response.
3: Strengthen your incident response and threat hunting skills.

Attendees should have a general familiarity with the Microsoft Windows operating system. They should have a general familiarity with the way software on Microsoft Windows interacts with its runtime environment.

Lenny Zeltser

CISO / Author / Instructor, Axonius / SANS Institute

Hackers & Threats

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