NONE of Us Are as Smart as ALL of Us

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We’re at a time of great discovery in our industry. The pace of published research and information is incredible, but who has time to read it all? We do! We analyze 1,000+ recent security industry reports using various machine learning and meta-analysis techniques to see the “forest” of knowledge through the “trees” of information. This talk will share consensus lessons found deep in that forest.

Learning Objectives:
1: Understand why “many” is better than “one” for learning in our field.
2: Learn through techniques used for analyzing large collections of unstructured data.
3: Learn about some really interesting lessons on a range of topics and trends.

None are needed. The discussion of analytical techniques may go a bit too deep for the casual attendee, but the discussion of findings and trends is widely applicable to novices and experts alike.

Wade Baker


Partner and Co-Founder, Cyentia Institute

Jay Jacobs


Co-founder and Chief Data Scientist, Cyentia Institute

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