More than Vaulting: Adapting to New Privileged Access Threats

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The threat landscape for exploiting privileged credentials is changing rapidly. How is your privileged access management program keeping up? The central challenge in any PAM effort is a confluence of adapting to changing threat vectors and technology upheaval in the enterprise. This talk will review how PAM has evolved, how the threats have changed and some new tactics to reduce risk in this area.

Learning Objectives:
1: Understand all of the enterprise components currently available in managing privileged access.
2: Learn how privileged access is being exploited beyond Layer 7 (application) defenses.
3: Discover new tactics to reducing risk with the use of privileged credentials.

Some orientation of privileged access management would be helpful. Session is designed to be a next-level discussion about privileged access management.

Lance Peterman


Security Architect, Merck

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