Mental Health in Cybersecurity: Preventing Burnout, Building Resilience

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Mental health is a key element in the human factor, and directly impacts the way in which cybersecurity professionals function in their daily work. This session will cover the psychosocial stressors unique to cybersecurity, discuss burnout and identify management mechanisms. Attendees will learn how to build the foundations for mental resilience, for use in their workplace.

Learning Objectives:
1: Identify and recognize the mental stress elements unique to the cybersecurity profession.
2: Learn how to identify burnout, and understand the manifestations and impact of burnout.
3: Learn about mental resilience, and how to build a resilience framework for the workplace.

No prerequisites are requried. Any attendees who are interested in prevention of burnout, stress management and building resilience in context of the cybersecurity workplace setting are welcome to attend.
Ryan Louie


Psychiatrist, Vituity

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