Measuring Cybersecurity Effectiveness in a Threat-Based World

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The panel will help increase understanding of how DHS, NSA and NIST are using threat data to help agencies protect information and detect and respond quickly to adversarial actions. They will examine how DHS CISA fuses threat intelligence with agency vulnerability data to improve info sharing and how efforts such as the .gov CAR initiative are helping create better threat models and solutions.

Learning Objectives:
1: Understand how DHS works closely with agencies to collect summary data and combine and centralize the data .
2: Learn about ways the CDM dashboard and capabilities reduce the time to address a vulnerability.

Cybersecurity interest.

Marianne Bailey


Deputy National Manager (DNM) for National Security Systems (NSS) and Senior Cybersecurity Executive, National Security Agency

Kevin Cox


Program Manager, Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency

Jeanette Manfra


Assistant Director for Cybersecurity, Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), Department of Homeland Security

Matthew Scholl


Chief, Computer Security Division, NIST

network security metrics cyber espionage


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