Joining Forces: Transforming Cybersecurity through Diversity and Data

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This session will look at cybersecurity today and how various stakeholders are joining forces to share threat intelligence for the good of all and the internet as a whole, and how women in cybersecurity bring diverse perspectives that offer unique solutions into the problems facing the industry.

Learning Objectives:
1: Understand how collaboration between competitors is shaping intelligence sharing.
2: Learn about the adversary playbook and how it can be used to disrupt the bad guys.
3: Learn how women are bringing diverse thought to the industry and helping to shape it.

Jeannette Jarvis


Director Product Marketing, Fortinet

Heather King


Chief Operating Officer, Cyber Threat Alliance

Michelle Martinez


Senior Threat Intelligence Analyst, Rapid 7

Kathleen Whitbey


Program Manager, CTI Information Sharing, Palo Alto Networks

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