Internet of Food: How IoT Threatens Fields, Farms and Factories

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To feed the 9.7 billion people on Earth by the year 2050, food production needs to be more efficient. The Internet of Thing’s ability to monitor and connect the components this complex industry is being touted as one solution to the challenge. This talk will reveal the attack vectors and security weaknesses of the food production industry and how we might protect against these threats.

Learning Objectives:
1: Understand how several components of the food production industry are now utilizing IoT.
2: See examples of how attacks on IOT in the food supply chain could impact global food production.
3: Hear recommendations for protecting the food production industry while reaping the benefits of IoT.

General knowledge of the common attack vectors and security weaknesses associated with IoT.
Ryan Flores


Senior Manager Threat Research, Trend Micro Inc.

Akira Urano


Senior Threat Researcher, Trend Micro Inc.

Mobile & IoT Security Hackers & Threats

operational technology (OT Security) Internet of Things infrastructure security critical infrastructure



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