Intelligence-Driven Industrial Security with Case Studies in ICS Attacks

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Most industrial security best practices are essentially enterprise security best practices copy/pasted into industrial networks. Yet that is not an effective way to reduce risk against industrial-specific threats. Instead, we can learn from ICS attacks that have occurred. This talk will leverage first-hand insights into industrial threats and the lessons learned for industrial security.

Learning Objectives:
1: Understand security best practices for industrial security.
2: Gain insight into major industrial attacks and how participants could have prepared against them.
3: Understand how resilient industrial infrastructure actually is.

This is meant to be general audience talk for all of those interested in, investing in or currently working at industrial organizations such as power companies, manufacturing sites, oil and gas infrastructure, etc.

Robert Lee

CEO, Dragos, Inc.

Hackers & Threats

threat intelligence security operations infrastructure security incident response critical infrastructure



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