How to Run a Cyber-Incident Response Exercise Using an Open-Source Scenario

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In this learning lab you’ll learn how to use an open-source table-top cyber-incident scenario to facilitate an exercise in your own organization. You’ll discover how to encourage learning behavior, how to tailor the scenario to your organization’s maturity and systems, how to role-play an incident and simulate constantly changing information, and how to capture the lessons learned.

Learning Objectives:
1: Learn how to facilitate a cybersecurity-incident table-top exercise.
2: Understand how to tailor an open-source exercise to your organization’s maturity and systems.
3: Learn how to make the exercise memorable and leave the participants wanting to practice again.

Understanding of phishing, not necessarily tools but concepts; knowledge of own corporate culture, how risk adverse they are; understanding of internal processes of reporting malicious activity, and the groups involved.
John Elliott


Principal Consultant, Withoutfire and Pluralsight Author

Tim Wiseman



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