How to Create a Truly Diverse Cyber-Workforce

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There has been a lot of talk in the industry about lack of diversity in cybersecurity, where women only make up 11 percent of the workforce and minorities even less. Yet in the past few years these statistics have not changed. This panel made up of CISOs, legal experts, educators and students will talk about how to truly create a diverse workforce and why this matters in the fight against cybercrime.

Learning Objectives:
1: Understand how to increase diversity within your organization.
2: Learn about what challenges women and minorities are currently facing in the cyber-space.
3: Understand why achieving diversity is important to stay a step ahead of the hackers.

Jordan Jacobson


Student, Cal Poly Pomona

Dr. Dan Manson


Professor of Computer Information Systems, California State Polytechnic University

Mat Newfield


CISO, Unisys

Shelley Westman


Principal, EY

professional development & workforce practitioner perspectives


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