Hopping into Enterprise Networks from Thin Air with BLEEDINGBIT

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Zero-day vulnerabilities were found in the majority of access points from top enterprise vendors within low-level embedded chips. Join the Armis researchers who discovered BLEEDINGBIT for a demo of a wireless AP takeover, including exploitation, gaining full remote control, traffic sniffing, malware distribution and lateral movement across network segments.

Learning Objectives:
1: Learn the new exposure created by peripheral radio chips, and see a demo of its malicious potential.
2: Understand airborne attacks and how attackers can leverage them to bypass existing security controls.
3: Learn how low-level embedded chip vulnerabilities affect devices on a complex protocol.

Technical understanding of wireless networks, access points and bluetooth protocols. Attendees should have five to 10 years of experience with penetration testing and vulnerability analysis to understand concepts presented in this session.

Nadir Izrael


Co-Founder & CTO, Armis

Misha Seltzer


Chief Solutions Architect, Armis Security

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