Honeypot Predators: Hunter vs. Prey

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This talk will examine how threat hunting organizations can setup honeypots, open proxies and servers to attract attackers, gather threat intelligence, harvest new malware and gain an insight inside the world scams, hacks and cybercrime. Learn from experts who ran honeypots all over the world, gathered unique insight on how attacks occur and successfully stopped hackers using their own techniques.

Learning Objectives:
1: Understand how honeypots are viable enterprise defense tools.
2: See how to gather, examine and analyze threat data.
3: Understand that cybercriminals are not always state actors but can use simple methods

General network architecture skills . General security operations skills. General understanding of security operations center. Basic understanding of security penetration testing and auditing. Basic understanding of threat hunting. Basic understanding of reading security logs.
Aamir Lakhani


Senior Security Stratagist, Fortinet

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