Hacking Healthcare Live: Digital Disease, Clinical Crisis

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Healthcare cybersecurity remains in critical condition. Despite encouraging advances in the clinical, vendor and policy realms, vast swaths of America’s healthcare infrastructure and connected devices remain vulnerable to attack and disruption. Live medical simulations return to the RSA stage as physician experts and leaders from the FDA enlist you in the fight to save and secure healthcare.

Learning Objectives:
1: Understand how vulnerabilities in healthcare infrastructure and devices affect patient care.
2: Learn about recent achievements in the policy and regulatory space that have made devices safer.
3: Witness a doctor undergo a live simulation of a clinical cybersecurity crisis.

Basic understanding of the increasingly connected and technology dependent nature of modern healthcare.

Beau Woods

Link Forger, Supply Chain Sandbox

Christian Dameff

Emergency Physician and Clinical Informatics Fellow, University of California San Diego

Jeff Tully

Resident Anesthesiologist, UC Davis Medical Center

Suzanne Schwartz

Director, Office of Strategic Partnerships and Technology Innovation, FDA

Teresa Wu

Director, Simulation Curriculum; Associate Professor, Emergency Medicine, University of Arizona, College of Medicine-Phoenix; Banner University Medical Center-Phoenix

Mobile & IoT Security

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