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Current efforts to increase privacy by encrypting everything is surprisingly leaving networks, users and data at risk. TLS1.3, Encrypted SNI, DNSSEC and more all have many security and privacy benefits. However, they can also increase risks of phishing and other attacks evading detection. This talk will cover these emerging standards, counterintuitive risks and next steps standards bodies are considering.

Learning Objectives:
1: Understand what the new privacy standards are and how they work.
2: Understand the risks to the enterprise from encrypting everything.
3: Learn how to get involved in the standards process.

Individuals should have a solid understanding of network security and modern cyber-defense. They should know how current products and solutions including but not limited to firewalls, proxies, intrusion detection systems, intrusion prevention systems, data loss prevention systems, etc., work. Individuals should also understand the basics of HTTP, encryption, HTTPS and DNS.

Bret Jordan


Chief Security Strategist, Afero

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