Fine-Tuning Your Cyber-Defense Technologies with the ATT&CK Framework

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MITRE has developed a curated knowledge base and framework known as Adversarial Tactics, Techniques and Common Knowledge (ATT&CK). ATT&CK provides knowledge describing behaviors and actions that a cyber-adversary might utilize once initial access has been gained within an organization’s network. This learning lab will look at fine-tuning cybersecurity stacks using this framework.

Learning Objectives:
1: Understand the ATT&CK framework.
2: Learn how to fine-tune cybersecurity technologies using the framework.
3: Discover how modern deception shifts the defender’s odds for the better.

Attendees with a basic background in securing IT and cloud environments will benefit. No specific knowledge in programming languages or IT technologies will be required. A background in threat modeling and with cybersecurity defense tools would be beneficial.
Lane Thames


Senior Security Researcher, Tripwire, Inc.

Hackers & Threats Analytics Intelligence & Response

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