Election Hacking: Trading Malware for Votes

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Information technology is vulnerable and the Internet is international. Politicians, spies and hackers use malware to steal votes and influence foreign elections. This research correlates two years of malware detected in countries holding national elections. It encompasses thousands of malware families and dozens of elections, using timelines, geolocation and interviews with country-level CERTs.

Learning Objectives:
1: Learn how to incorporate strategic traffic analysis into malware research and detection.
2: Understand why you should correlate major geopolitical events (including elections) with your log files.
3: Resolve to find and defeat nation-state actors on your network.

Malware, network security, national security, elections, critical infrastructure, international relations.

Dr. Kenneth Geers


External Communications Analyst, Very Good Security

Hackers & Threats

security intelligence anti-malware hackers & threats cyber warfare & cyber weapons critical infrastructure



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