Do You Know Your Organization’s Top 10 Security Risks? (Overflow)

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Maintaining focus in an ever-changing threat landscape: Global Security Top 10 Risks. How do we remain focused as a security organization in the ever-changing threat landscape? In this session Aetna will share the steps to the top 10 security risks, the key success factors and metrics, and the steps to kick off this program in your organization.

Learning Objectives:
1: Understand the importance of a top 10 security risks list to an organization.
2: Develop a data driven top 10 security risks list.
3: Learn how to leverage the data you are already collecting to generate a top 10 security risks list.

Individuals should have a broader understanding of a security organization, its diverse functions, operations and metrics. Enterprise view of a security organization is a plus, or outside-in view of a security function.

Min-Hwei Liu


Director, Information Security, Aetna

governance risk & compliance metrics


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