Democratizing Cloud Security: Journey to Secure the Public Cloud

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As companies migrate their workloads from on-premise to public cloud platforms there are a number of new challenges in securely operating these environments. This talk will delve into the steps a security architect needs to take to secure the environment and services running in it, with special focus on individual operators role in monitoring, forensics and response.

Learning Objectives:
1: Gain an understanding of security implications of migrating to the cloud.
2: Learn how to decentralize security operations and management.
3: Learn how to monitor and react to security incidents across the fleet.

Someone who has already migrated or is thinking of migrating their service to the public cloud. They should have a basic understanding of environment and SDLC security.
Yunchao Liu


Sr Software Engineer, Symantec Corporation

Hardeep Singh


Principal Security Architect , Upstart

Security Strategy & Architecture

security operations security awareness practitioner perspectives DevSecOps cloud security



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