Cybersecurity Silo-Busters 1, Cyberthreat Actors 0 (Game in Progress)

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Complexity is the largest barrier to effective security. However, threat actors aren’t letting complexity stop them. They’re using AI, IoT and extensive collaboration. It’s time that we did the same—make security simple, open and connected. That’s how to win. See how BriteSky’s utilizes a cloud-based, shared services approach to remove data silos, streamline tools and leverage collective intelligence to transform security analysts’ roles. Come prepared to learn and leave with best practices to reduce complexity in any security operation.

Learning Objectives:
1: Learn why information sharing is critical to keeping up with potential threats.
2: Understand how to improve information sharing and productivity.
3: See how information technology best practices can be employed to achieve those goals.
Sridhar Muppidi


IBM Fellow, VP and Chief Technology Officer, IBM Security

Devin Somppi


Team Lead, Security Operations, BriteSky

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