Cybersecurity and Hospital Infection Control: Overlaps and Opportunities

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The roles of cybersecurity expert and medical infection control specialist are very similar. Both roles involve identifying, quarantining and eradicating malicious entities that have evolved to evade detection and have the potential for exponential spread if left unchecked. The session will explore the similarities and differences in threat landscape and established practices between the two fields.

Learning Objectives:
1: Understand overlaps and differences between threats faced in cybersecurity and infection control.
2: Learn the history of both domains and the events in each that may predict future activity.
3: Learn common best practices in both fields and their effectiveness when applied to the other domain.

Understanding of cybersecurity threat landscape and general industry terminology.

Howard Poston


Cyber R&D, The Cybermaniacs

Natalie Salas


Assistant Professor, Infectious Diseases, University of New Mexico School of Medicine

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