2028 Future State: Long Live the Firewall?

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The threat landscape has changed since the invention of the firewall 30 years ago, but not because threat actors or their motivations have changed; our networks and how we need to protect them have changed. Not only do we need to start developing tools that adapt to the threats of today, but we need to threat model in a more sophisticated way and ask more questions about what can go wrong.

Learning Objectives:
1: Understand what the firewall of 2028 will look like, and if it will even exist as we know it today.
2: Examine the commercial tools market to see what best adapts to shifts in attack tactics and surface.
3: Learn how to adapt threat modeling to accommodate the actual threat landscape.

Basic understanding of the security landscape.

Jennifer Minella


Founder, Principal Advisor, Viszen Security

Marcus Ranum


Consultant, Independent

Adam Shostack


President, Shostack and Associates

Harry Sverdlove


CTO and Founder, Edgewise Networks

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