12 Ways to Hack 2FA

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Passwords are finally being left behind in favor of two-factor (2FA) and multifactor (MFA) authentication. Some vendors are promoting “unhackable” 5FA solutions. It’s all a lie. All authentication solutions can be hacked. Come learn at least 12 ways 2FA can be hacked, how 2FA really works behind the scenes, what the holes are, how to hack it and how you can defend against those attacks.

Learning Objectives:
1: Understand how 2FA really works behind the scenes.
2: Learn how 2FA solutions are hacked.
3: Learn how to defend against 2FA attacks.

Understanding of basic terms such as smartcard, USB key, password, PIN, etc. Everything else is explained.

Roger Grimes


Data-Driven Defense Evangelist, KnowBe4, Inc.


security awareness biometrics authentication access control



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