The Incident Response Class of 2018: Tactics and Tales from the Frontline

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Security truism: fact and fiction are often blurred. In this session, leading experts will draw on their frontline experience in an example-rich conversation about the real incident response battlefield today. Have threat tactics and techniques truly changed? How will we need to change our approach to hunting down and responding to subtle signs of intrusion moving forward? What’s next on the horizon?

Learning Objectives:
1: Hear insights on the current state of the battlefield and what’s next on the horizon.
2: Understand how cyberthreats have adapted to evade detection.
3: Learn about the latest developments in the field of incident response.

Kris Lovejoy


CEO, BluVector, Inc.

Adam Malone


Director, Incident Response and Threat Intelligence, PwC

Tim Ryan


Principal, Fraud Investigation and Dispute Services, Ernst & Young, LLP

Analytics Intelligence & Response

security operations practitioner perspectives insider threats incident response



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