The Bottom of the Barrel—Scraping Pastebin for Obfuscated Malware

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Started in 2002, has become the largest service of its kind in the world, serving 18 million visitors monthly and hosting 95 million pastes. Though used for lots of legitimate content, malicious actors have been using the site to distribute obfuscated malware for years. This talk will explain the processes by which malware is hidden on Pastebin and how to use a scraper to find them.

Learning Objectives:
1: Be inspired to “Follow your weird ideas! You never know what they will lead to.”
2: Learn about the anatomy of Pastebin: metadata, what sorts of things are there.
3: Learn how scrapers and decoders work and are built in Python.

Patrick Colford


Security Analyst, Cisco

Hackers & Threats Analytics Intelligence & Response

botnets security awareness anti-malware



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