Surviving Contact: Keeping Your CEO Employed and Your Business in Business

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As businesses become more digitally dependent, security ops become more intertwined with the business. To test, measure and validate this alignment, we present a model of cyclical, intensity increasing and threat scenario-driven war games designed to stress test the entire business’ ability to respond. Today, cyber-incidents are business incidents, cyberthreats are business threats. Come test your skills and engage with other participants to gain experience preparing for cyber-incidents that are threats to your business.

Learning Objectives:
1: Understand how cyberthreats are inherently have business-wide consequences.
2: Explore the role of all business functions in exercise participation.
3: Participate in cascading realistic exercises that train operators and inform process.
Heather Gantt-Evans


Chief Information Security Officer, SailPoint

Mark Manglicmot


Senior Manager, EY

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