Stop Translating, Start Defending: Common Language for Managing Cyber-Risk

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Time is of the essence when protecting your organization from complex cyberthreats. The clock doesn’t start when you have been breached—it’s always ticking. The board must articulate risk tolerances, management must set the strategy and IT must execute. The NIST CSF provides a common language for internal and external stakeholders, and helps the organization to stop translating and start defending.

Learning Objectives:
1: Learn how the NIST CSF can be used for more than just IT security.
2: Learn to use the CSF as a common language with the board, employees and customers.
3: Learn to adapt the CSF to the changing threat environment.

Dawn Cappelli


Director, OT-CERT, Dragos

Umair Masud


Manager, Consulting Services Portfolio, Rockwell Automation

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