Risk-Based Approach to Deployment of Omnichannel Biometrics in Sberbank

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This session will present a case study about the innovative approach that Sberbank has taken to implement biometrics in the bank with over 100M customers. Speakers will share best practices in designing an omnichannel user experience for customers, and how risk-based approach and machine learning helped them to build an intelligent system that is soft to legitimate users and hard to fraudsters.

Learning Objectives:
1: Learn how biometrics may be implemented in omnichannel environment.
2: Get a fresh view on how innovative risk-based approaches help mitigate threats.
3: Gather some hints for implementing biometrics in a bank.

Anton Mitrofanov

Product Owner, Sberbank

Leyla Goncharenko

Product owner, project office of Cybersecurity department, Sberbank Russia

Analytics, Intelligence & Response

behavioral analytics biometrics fraud security intelligence authentication



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