Over-the-Horizon Cybersecurity Technologies and Threats

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Cybersecurity attacks continue to morph and grow ever-more sophisticated and so, too, must the technology designed to shield organizations. Underneath the big picture are several technological pillars, both positive and negative. The panel will debate what these are, why they are significant and what threats they will be combating over the next three to five years.

Learning Objectives:
1: Learn about new and improved cybersecurity technologies.
2: Learn about new and modified cybersecurity threats.
3: Learn about the pros and cons of AI and cybersecurity.

Robert Ackerman


Founder/Managing Director, AllegisCyber, AllegisCyber Capital

David Brumley


CEO and Professor, ForAllSecure and Carnegie Mellon

John N. Stewart


Senior Vice President, Chief Security and Trust Officer, Cisco

Cat Zakrzewski


Reporter, The Wall Street Journal

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