Network Monitoring Is Going Away...Now What? TLS, QUIC and Beyond

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Protocol improvements to prevent pervasive monitoring, such as forward secrecy and metadata hiding, are being standardized and deployed in response to greater awareness of threats to network traffic. The changes impact monitoring. The panel includes a cross-section of experts including an impacted enterprise network architect, an NIST security expert working toward solutions and an ACLU technologist.

Learning Objectives:
1: Explore technical changes in new versions of deployed session encryption.
2: Understand impacts of the changes in protocols to some data center operations.
3: Learn about technical options to monitor while maintaining security and privacy.

Daniel Kahn Gillmor


Senior Staff Technologist, ACLU

Kathleen Moriarty


Chief Technology Officer, Center for Internet Security

Darin Pettis


VP – Infrastructure Consultant, US Bank

Tim Polk


Computer Scientist, NIST

Protecting Data & Applied Crypto Privacy

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