Navigating the Data Labeling Bottleneck as Security Embraces AI

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Security now prefers statistics over signatures to fend off attacks. But red teams haven’t yet transitioned from man vs. machine to machine vs. machine, despite a data labeling bottleneck that makes waging AI-based attacks easier than building AI-based defenses. Before attackers catch on, presenters will make the case for AI-based white hat hacking, which will help preemptively plug up the industry’s holes.

Learning Objectives:
1: Learn why the data labeling bottleneck is a big problem for security.
2: Hear about detailed AI-based attacks, less prone to the data labeling bottleneck.
3: Learn methods that’ll help close the gap between offensive and defensive AI.

Hyrum Anderson

Chief Scientist, Endgame

Philip Tully

Manager, Data Science, FireEye

Analytics, Intelligence & Response Hackers & Threats

cyber warfare & cyber weapons hackers & threats artificial intelligence & machine learning



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