Is Malware the New Weapon of Mass Destruction?

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Is malware the new weapon of mass destruction: US elections, Ukraine power outages, WannaCry. Cyberattacks are becoming more frequent and blamed on nation-states. Can we, and are we, doing enough to stop them? We will explore whether the latest attacks and research demonstrate a change in how malware is being used in reality, by states and cybercriminals. Will it change our view of security?

Learning Objectives:
1: Explore an alternate view on media stories about malware.
2: Examine the future of malware and explore whether the perception of risk will change.
3: Leave with something to think about.

Tony Anscombe


Global Security Evangelist, ESET

Security Strategy & Architecture Hackers & Threats

cyber warfare & cyber weapons cyberterrorism government spying anti-malware anti-malware



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