Google and Microsoft Debut: Replacing Passwords with FIDO2 Authentication (overflow)

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FIDO’s modern authentication ecosystem is leaping ahead in browsers and online platforms. In this panel, Google and Microsoft security team leaders will debut new authentication options based on FIDO2 and W3C standards in their browsers and other core products so online services can go beyond passwords with stronger, simpler authentication using the same devices and security people use every day.

Learning Objectives:
1: Learn about new authentication capabilities in Google and Microsoft core products.
2: Understand new FIDO2 and W3C standards and the FIDO ecosystem.
3: Understand how a simple UX and stronger auth can go beyond passwords.
David Bossio


Group Program Manager, Microsoft

Brett McDowell


Executive Director, The FIDO Alliance

Sam Srinivas


Product Management Director, Google Cloud, Google

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