Extending Behavioral Insights into Risk Adaptive Protection and Enforcement

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Analytics has become a security buzzword, but identifying valuable risk insights and turning them into actionable protective measures remains challenging for many enterprises and government agencies. Today’s behavior analytics tools can provide various insights into risky and anomalous activity but are powerless to enforce protection policies. This session explores critical insights on risky human behavior and abnormal activity that can be gained by tightly integrating user and entity behavior analytics (UEBA) with other security technologies such as data loss prevention and insider threat. Learn how to break free of the forensic nature of traditional UEBA, enabling data and user insights with policy enforcement to happen as security events occur -- not weeks, months or years after the fact.
Guy Filippelli


Vice President Solutions, User and Data Security, Forcepoint

Meerah Rajavel


Chief Information Officer, Palo Alto Networks

Analytics Intelligence & Response

data loss prevention data security insider threats security analytics behavioral analytics



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