Create a Ten-Year Strategy for Your CISO

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What do you do when your CISO asks you for a 10-year cybersecurity strategy? Cybersecurity strategies typically address shorter time frames due to the dynamic technology environment and threat actors' abilities to quickly implement advanced technologies. This session will discuss the development of a 10-year strategy using a combination of bottom-up, top-down and scenario planning approaches.

Learning Objectives:
1: Provide an overview of short-term (1–5 year) cybersecurity strategy development.
2: Provide an overview of long-term (5–10 year) cybersecurity outlook development.
3: Provide a framework for communicating the strategy (e.g., NIST functions).

Marisa Ruffolo

Cybersecurity Enterprise Architect, Chevron

Security Strategy & Architecture

data security identity management & governance risk management threat management application security



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