Charles Darwin, Cybersecurity Visionary? Surviving When Predator Is Hacker

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When the predator is the hacker and defenses cannot adapt in real time, the IT ecosystem cannot survive. For too long, security has protected single points in the ecosystem. Now, we must consider a Darwinian approach by adapting to the threat landscape in real time. Given the rapid pace of hacker innovation, security needs to look to this model. Learn how Darwinian protection is next in security.

Learning Objectives:
1: Learn how security will evolve from unintegrated point products to a living ecosystem that can make decisions for itself
2: Learn how to integrate sensors, events, analytics, and enforcement in a security infrastructure to be more coordinated than modern attacks
3: Understand why a security system instead of security products is the future direction of IT security
Joe Levy


Chief Technology Officer, Sophos

Dan Schiappa


General Manager and Senior Vice President, Products, Sophos

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