Bringing a Knife to a Gun Fight: Are US Cybersecurity Efforts Working?

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In this session, technology industry leaders will join current/former high ranking DOJ and FBI officials to debate the legal and policy implications of allowing companies to take offensive cyber-measures, new and evolving cyberthreats, and when the US should be taking actions in the physical world—from shaming to sanctions to kinetic attacks—to deter and punish malicious cyber-activities.

Learning Objectives:
1: Learn cyber-deterrent efforts and challenges of keeping up with evolving threats.
2: Explore the pros/cons of combating cyber-malfeasance with physical world action.
3: Understand the merits and legalities of US companies going on the cyber-offensive.
Monika Bickert


Head of Global Policy Management at Facebook, Facebook

John Carlin


Partner, Paul, Weiss

Shawn Henry


CSO and President of Services, CrowdStrike

Emily Mossburg


Advisory Principal, Deloitte

Jeffrey Tricoli


Section Chief, Senior Executive Service (SES), Federal Bureau of Investigation

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