Bringing a Knife to a Gun Fight: Are US Cybersecurity Efforts Working?

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In this session, technology industry leaders will join current/former high ranking DOJ and FBI officials to debate the legal and policy implications of allowing companies to take offensive cyber-measures, new and evolving cyberthreats, and when the US should be taking actions in the physical world—from shaming to sanctions to kinetic attacks—to deter and punish malicious cyber-activities.

Learning Objectives:
1: Learn cyber-deterrent efforts and challenges of keeping up with evolving threats.
2: Explore the pros/cons of combating cyber-malfeasance with physical world action.
3: Understand the merits and legalities of US companies going on the cyber-offensive.

Emily Mossburg


Advisory Principal, Deloitte

Jeffrey Tricoli


Section Chief, Senior Executive Service (SES), Federal Bureau of Investigation

John Carlin


Chair, Cyber & Technology Program, The Aspen Institute

Monika Bickert


Head of Global Policy Management at Facebook, Facebook

Shawn Henry


CSO and President of Services, CrowdStrike

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