Blockchain Applications and Their Weaknesses: A Practical Investigation

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Sure, it’s possible to hack blockchain elements (e.g., ECC), at least in theory. Some still worry about the security of blockchain technology, or that it is a solution looking for a problem. Nevertheless, it's a vital technology. It’s all about the application! Join this Lab to focus on specific issues with current—and future—blockchain applications, based on industry research.

Learning Objectives:
1: Gain an understanding of specific security issues in blockchain implementations.
2: Learn to identify and rectify security issues.
3: Discuss anticipated issues as implementations continue in the workplace.
Chris Hodson


Chief Security Officer, Cyberhaven

Dennis Kwok


Vice President, APAC, CompTIA

Stephen Schneiter


Program Manager, CompTIA

James Stanger


Chief Technology Evangelist, CompTIA

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