AI and Cybersecurity - Applications of Artificial Intelligence in Security. Understanding and Defending Against Adversarial AI.

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Advances in AI are creating opportunities for both defenders and attackers. For defenders, in hands of a malicious actor(s), AI poses significant risk. Hear the practitioner, research and technology perspective on a framework of uses of AI by defenders and attackers. Learn how to use AI countermeasures to protect yourself. In addition, learn how to attack your own AI using a newly released open source library.

Learning Objectives:
1: Learn how AI can proactively detect anomalies in security.
2: Learn about threat intelligence.
3: Discuss how to initiate appropriate actions while updating the analyst.
Koos Lodewijkx


Vice President and CTO of Security Operations and Response (SOAR), IBM Security

Sridhar Muppidi


IBM Fellow, VP and Chief Technology Officer, IBM Security

Irina Nicolae


Research Scientist, IBM Research

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